Custom themes to override default

I’d like to be able to customise the look and feel of the interface.

I know it’s open source so ‘technically’ I could, but I don’t believe in changing the core files of a platform.

The ability to load additional assets seems partially implemented, so either what I want can already be done but not documented anywhere or it’s just clever preparation for the future.

already the "assets’ folder contains the default theme. There should be a configuration file somewhere where we can specify the name of another ‘theme’ in the assets folder. I see it working like the folder name is the name of the theme, so specifying the folder name in a config file would tell the site to automatically load any files inside that folder on top of the default files (custom theme cc/js/img win).

I can’t imagine this being too difficult to implement.

Thoughts anyone?

Custom themes will not be implemented into InvoicePlane v1 but maybe in InvoicePlane 2.
At the moment you can override all styles by adding the overrides to custom.css.