Credit Card Invoice Payment Without a Paypal Account

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I feel as though this is normal and if anything a paypal issue but I was looking for a way when a customer clicks the “pay now” button on a generated PDF invoice that it takes them to a screen where they can choose whether to pay by Paypal or CC. Right now it takes them to a direct paypal login with no additional options and automatically inserting a " 0 " in the username field.

I keep reading that an addition can be made to the SetExpressCheckout API call: named “SOLUTIONTYPE=Sole” can this be something that I can add?

I do want to say that this was working how I wanted it about 2-3 weeks ago, however I am probably mistaken.
Nothing appears to have changed with my Paypal account and I have made sure that " PayPal Account Optional " is still set to “Yes”

I have utilized the instructions here: and the API appears to be linking properly

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Oh okay, I’ll take a look at this.

[size=10]Last Update 24.11.2015[/size]

This appears to be getting corrected. Now the method of paying by CC or debit card is back. However a " 0 " is still being input into some fields automatically.

I have a feeling this was a Paypal thing the whole time, however my Paypal support ticket has gone unanswered (day 2).

I am running into this too, PayPal support said to make sure the you have properly linked a bank account to PayPal.

I did notice the 0 being added, however I am waiting for the bank account to verified for further testing.

I think you need to change Payment Option on the PayPal page displayed for you to log in during payment attempt for you to see the other payment option (see attached)

Might be great if we have a screen capture to view.

After clicking on “pay invoice” in the generated e-mail you are taking to this screen which automatically inputs a 0 in the username field:

Since “pay with debit or credit card” works now, it will take you to the next screen which inputs 0’s into a couple of fields:


Ok. Those fields might be the REQUIRED fields to be filled for one to process credit card payment. Will research it though.

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Will not be fixed because of the used library but will be solved with InvoicePlane 1.5.0 anyway.

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