Creating calculated custom fields

Hi, I’m getting started with Invoice Plane and am loving it, but I need to add several custom fields. There’s a catch to these fields: they need to show results based on what was entered in other fields.
Is it possible? Is there a a tutorial that I may use?

I appreciate your help.

What exactly should be calculated and where?


What needs to be calculated is the cost of every item in the invoice.
We rent space in cellular towers so our invoices include:

  • Desired height in tower
  • Equipment and space needed
  • Amount of rows to be used in the tower
  • The cost depends on the client, some of them have discounts
  • Extra data that may be entered in the invoice

First question: is it possible to create a combobox personalized field?

So, the invoice price is calculated considering all the data that is entered in the personalized fields. Is Invoice Plane able to work as described?

Best regards

Is there someone that can help me out?

I dont think that is is easy to implement. But at the moment I have no time for such customizations, sorry

Ok. thanks