Cog Loading Symbol Stuck on Quotes

I don’t know what i did ( no modifications whatsoever ) and it seems like when i add any position to my quote and hit save the cog/loading icon appears and spins forever.

I haven’t made any modifications whatsoever and on invoices it work fine.

Firefox and Chrome both act the same. Haven’t had it before but I wonder what’s broken now…

Please check your server logs as this implies that something went wrong with saving the quote. The cog should disappear when the page reloads after saving the quote.

My “server” error log, does not list any errors with invoiceplane ever.

@Kovah with errorlog set to “1”

Then please change the log_threshold from 0 to 2 in the file /application/config/config.php
Then try to save again and you can find the app logs in /application/logs/

Please use to share the logs here.

set to “2”

The only error I could see there is that being my custom language file is empty. After i took the english custom_lang contents and run again, the problem still exists ( just the language error disappeared )



ERROR - 2015-05-23 20:44:15 --> Could not find the language line “quote_number”


when adding quote_number definition to the language file this error is gone as well, however still cog is still infinite.


I have created several new quote at some it was stuck as well, i just now got one that’s working…


DOH!.. didn’t see the obvious…

It tried to save a quote to a number which was already taken.

e.g. quote # 31 was already existing. However there was a second # 31 which is the one which wasn’t working.

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