Close out invoice group for year end


Is there a way where we can set the “invoice overview” to a particular invoice group? For example, 2014 is over, and I now want to start 2015 books, but I still have the 2014 data and reports.

Is this supported?


No not at the moment but I could add this as a feature request.
We also want to add a better sorting for the different invoices so this could be integrated too.

Would you add this or is there a process I should follow to add as a FR? I would certainly benefit from that!

You can add this idea on your own on our issue and feature tracker on Github: –

i can give you an idea how to solve this, dont know how you manage now…

in .net using linq you can use filtering and lookup to get last number in current year like this… so maybe it would be easier to implement here, and you wont have to worry about which year you are for invoicing…

This is for other project but you will get it i think

primka is table in db, number is filed that contains increment number for that field…

so it basicly selects primka with some exact type in mind and for certain storage, but also filters by current year and takes last bigest Number and adds one to it …

primka.Number = CInt((From p In db.InventoryDocuments Where p.Type_Id = primka.Type_Id AndAlso p.Storage_Id = primka.Storage_Id AndAlso p.Created.Year = Now.Date.Year Select p.Order).Take(1).Max) + 1

now on start of each year numbering always starts from one… there is a check in plase to check if lookup is 0 or nothing and then insert number one… thats it… not messing and worrying about changing start number to number one… maybe this could be feature for version 2.0?

this way you dont have to worry about closing invoice group…

Dont think too difficult.
Just add a new invoice group that is e.g. named “Invoices 2015” and select the template. Then set this invoice group as the default group in the system settings.