client_country changed in v1.2.x when using PDF template

After my upgrade to IP v1.2.1 (from 1.1.x) I noticed that the $invoice->client_country variable I use in my PDF template for invoices changed. Before it listed the full country name, now only the short two-letter country code.
Maybe this is tied to the country selection box in the user account settings?

Is there a way to get the full country name back? Having the full country name in the address on the invoice looks much better :-).

Thanks for any help!

Oh well… not good.

Place the following code block on tom of the template:

$countries = get_country_list(lang('cldr'));
$user_country = $countries[$invoice->user_country];

and use $user_country instead of $invoice->user_country in the template.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I see I made a mistake: it should have been $user_country instead of $client_country ($client_country works fine).

I replaced client with user in your code and it works fine now.