Changing Favicon

I want to change the favicon to my personalised one. I have already replaced the favicon at assets directory and named the new favicon but still its not changing on the browsers. Please help,

If you replaced the original favicon and its not showing up try to wipe your browser cache.

I did and tried with new browser but no luck. Can you please confirm what size to use for favicon and which php file has got link for favicon

It does not matter which size the favicon has (recommended: 32px).
It just has to be a PNG icon.

Thanks Kovah. It actually worked. Just replaced the favicon in asset folder and created , copied the .ico on root directory.

N.B: It takes time to show it on the same browser even though the cache is cleared. Need to try on different browser.

More about …favicon size

16 x 16 – Standard size for browsers
24 x 24 – IE9 pinned site size for user interface
32 x 32 – IE new page tab, Windows 7+ taskbar button, Safari Reading List sidebar
48 x 48 – Windows site 57 x 57 – iPod touch, iPhone up to 3G
60 x 60 – iPhone touch up to iOS7
64 x 64 – Windows site, Safari Reader List sidebar in HiDPI/Retina
70 x 70 – Win 8.1 Metro tile
72 x 72 – iPad touch up to iOS6
76 x 76 – iOS7 96 x 96 – GoogleTV
114 x 114 – iPhone retina touch up to iOS6