Changing "Administrator" account for BCC emails

I would like to set “Send all outgoing emails as BCC to the admin account” to YES, however I’d like the BCC to a different email address than the one I set up this wonderful software with.

Can I change something in the sql database to do this? Or is there another config option?

Thanks heaps!

I figure I should be able to do this through phpmyadmin, but which database tables will I need to touch? “ip_users”, “si_user” “si_user_role”? Or a combination?

I just want to be able to send the BCC emails to an address other than the address I used to set up the software.


Ah… nonononono!
Please do not work inside the database. The administrator email is taken from the very first account created (during the setup). you can change the email address of this account, mostly the (only) admin account.

I’ve added a feature request for this:

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Haha, ok, I’ll wait. Thanks heaps :smile: