Change WYSIWYG Editor


Since 1.3.1 we got a WYSIWYG Editor for the Email templates which is kinda messy with the used layout. I recently discovered one that is especially designed for Bootstrap. You might have a look at it, maybe it’s something you could embed in the future or for 2.0 (if there’s nothing else planned).

Please update to v1.3.2 to fix this problem.
The editor will not be changed anymore.

Just read about it. Looks better than before but now it doesn’t work anymore. The buttons have no functionallity at all. :smiley:

Then you didn’t updated all files or your browser is still using the old files. Try to clear the cache fist.

As a non web developer, I definitely love this bootstrap-wysiwyg editor over the one chosen for the new version. A markdown editor should be nice too.

Its not about how nice an editor looks, its about the compatibility.
At this point it doesn’t matter which editor we use as Codeigniter “destroys” some parts of the formatting. I think of adding an option to disable the formatting in the options but I will not try another editor again.

I’m kinda upset about this **** email HTML and CSS thing. :expressionless:

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Text editor was fine. Showing html code can scare some non-technical users. This program should be for everybody, not just developers.

The Problem is that the WYSIWYG editor did not very well with complex layouts or some special formatting why some Emails arrived very cluttered or destroyed.

I will leave it as it is for now as I don’t have any more time to take care of this problem.
Maybe another dev can take a look?!

Hey there,

so the new WYSIWYG Editor creates partially incompatible code in combination with codeigniter?

Well, After finishing the work on the invoice archive I can take a look into this.

I know from previous projects, that sometimes WYSIWYG-Editors are more destructive then useful :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll check out the bootstrap one!