Chang the quantity input field to spinner when adding an item in creating invoice

Hi , it would be very helpfull if the quantity input type be changed to spinner. It would be very while using the app on the mobile device.

[size=10]Last Update: 22.05.2015 (added to issue tracker)[/size]

What exactly do you mean?

AAAHH! Okay that’s what you mean.
But do you think that these small buttons will be easy to hit on mobile devices?

:slight_smile: i am using the app from 15 days now. I use a tab to create invoices. When i want to increase the quantity of any product, i first have to click, then bring the cursor to right, then delete the 0, then input the quantity number. If it was spinner, the number of clicks would decrease and it would be very fast.,
I would like to be a developer for invoiceplane. I can code HTM5 and CSS3, how do i regester ?

Send me your email address via private message here and I add you to the invoice tracker.

please visit this site on any mobile device . or
It looks a little small, when increase in size or zoomed , it will look much better and very helpful.

Please dont mind, how do i send a private message ?

Visit and click the “Message” button on the right.

As i am a new user, my account may be limited limiting me to see the message button.

I added you and assigned this issue to you. If you need any help feel free to ask at any time.

Are you familiar with Git and Github pull requests?