Cant save Invoice/Quote/User

I am running 1.4.3 and am having trouble getting the Invoice/Quote/User to save. After entering new items, I have to hit save, then refresh the page(F5) in order to get the changes to reflect. No errors show, but also the success message doesn’t appear until I refresh. Can someone point me in the right direction to resolve this?

I am running on:
PHP 5.x

Many Thanks!

Please search the forum before posting. Here are some similar problems:

I have searched the forum and have seen those topics and have tried their solutions. But nothing is working for me.
I have also tried using different browsers and still nothing changes.

Ok could you please post the output of the browser console here? You can find information about this in the first thread. You can use if the output is too large.

Guess he’s getting something like this:

POST 502 (Bad Gateway)

I’m trying to fix this but didn’t find a solution yet.

Something is really strange. I use IE11. I opened the Developer tools (F12) to get to IE’s console. I tested the site again and then everything is working fine! :anguished: I then closed the Developer tools and tested again, and once again the problem is there. I have now tested it a few times. With Developer tools open from IE all works fine, with it closed, it does not work. How could this be? Could it then be something in my browser settings?

Whut?? :flushed:

I found these links with other people with the same ‘strange’ issue:

My only problem is that these people talk about everything working in all browsers except IE. My installation does not work on any browser.

What is also very strange for me is that saving the ‘Settings’, ‘Products’ and edit ‘Clients’ immediately works. The problem is only on creating new clients and creating, editing and deleting of Quotes and Invoices.

Saving the settings work in a different way than the invoices.
It would be easier to just use the same way like the settings but I don’t want to put any more effort into this version.