Can't login after installation

Hi, I’m a first time user. The installation went fine, the connection with the database etc., was all fine and I’ve updated the htaccess as per the directions (as all my InvoicePlane files are in a subdirectory).

However, I then get taken to the login screen but it’s not accepting my email address and password.

“There is no account registered with this Email address.”

I’ve checked again and again and they are both correct. I tired the password reset and clicked the link in the email but it takes me to a login page rather than a password reset page - it takes me to

And I’m stuck in a loop.

So I tried everything from scratch. Deleted the database and all files. Recreated database, uploaded files again and went through the setup screens and … I hit exactly the same problem.

It’s a Linux server with Apache (dedicated server that I control, I’m quite familiar with server level tech stuff).

Are there any errors logged for both the application or the server?
This sounds kinda strange…

Thanks for your reply.

Where would the application’s errors be logged?

(BTW, the email address ends in Is that possibly the cause?)

The TLD may cause this error, i will try it on my system.

Thanks. There’s nothing in application/logs except for the index.html


I also tested as a domain and it works without any problems.

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Information for other users:
The problem was solved with manually adding the user via the database. The actual problem is still unresolved. Further investigation started.

The Problem is When You link old Exiting Database in setup it automatically takes old configuration . solution is You have to go PHPmyAdmin and find ip_users details or setup a fresh database.