Cannot Get Custom Feilds to Work

Hi Guys,

First off I am not any coding guy. I managed to install Invoice plane on to my web.
I am not able to do the following in-spite of reading all the wiki and community helps.

  1. I am not able to get a custom feild in to the invoice when i want to print the invoice. I am looking to put a feild to enter customer purchase order numbers

  2. My logo on the invoice is very small.

  3. Also Can I add an image at the end of an Invoice and quote like a company stamp

I hope you can help me out.

  1. Did you followed this tutorial for custom fields?
  2. You can use the custom.css file in /assets/default/css to customize the width and height of the logo with CSS.
  3. You can add a footer to PDF files within the system settings > invoices tab. There is a PDF Footer field. You can google how to place an image there with HTML.

Hi Kovah,

  1. Yes I did go through the tutorial and placed the code in the invoice php but it still shows at the bottom of the invoice and it does not show up in the pdf. I wanted the column to be on the right hand side below the date to enter clients purchase order number.

In this case send me details about the custom field (screenshot of the table) and your template file.

terms bar is not showing in quote section when i download the quote in pdf can you help me