Blank page when generating PDF

I created a custom quote template which I carried over from MyClientBase. I copied the entire template, then replaced all of the variables for IP into the MCB template. I cant figure out what IP doesn’t like and nothing shows in the error log (have it set to all messages)

View my template here:

Thanks in advance for any direction. I appreciate it!

I resolved the issues with the blank page by uploading the template to my website and attempting to browse to it. There were a couple errors in my code. Once it was able to parse, I uploaded back to the template directory. It looks wayyyyyy better. My font is a bit small, and my logo is huge. not sure how to make the logo smaller.

You can change the logo dimensions inside the template or within the custom.css file.

Thanks! I have figured out mostly everything, but my invoices are blurry/fuzzy when I print them. What could cause this?

What exactly is blurry / fuzzy?

You can always try to search for these problems in the forums of the PDF engine we are using: mPDF

Thanks, it turns out just to be a Mac thing. Doesnt happen in Windows. I can live with it.

Thanks again!