Any way to connect quotes to invoices?

I think there should be great to have a link between quotes and invoices.

The idea should be something like:

I make quote
It gets approved
I make invoice to start the project, let’s say 30% of the quote --> new field in invoice what links to quote number (and url as well)
Somehow, the program stores the rest of the non-invoiced quote, and knows how much do I have to invoice yet

This feature could be useful also to show some “forecast” or amount of quotes to invoice in the future

I still have to go on details (this is just the idea), but it’s really a pity having a tool to quote and invoice and not having connection between them.

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Is it a type of “partial billing” ? It’s quite a heavy feature i think. But it will be good for many industries.

Billing is complete, but it’s just a part of the quote. Let’s suppose the quote is 100, invoicing 30 should let 70 left, as long as there is connection between invoice and quote.

This is interesting.

In this way you can quote a project and send different partial invoices (in different timeframes) from that specific quote?

And if you’ve to add something to that?

There can be many ways to do that. Modify original quote or let invoice be over the original quote I think should be the easiest ones.
The main point should to remind you to invoice ‘at least’ the whole project (100%), but this shouldn’t be a limit. If you want to introduce new lines,that’s ok.
Anyway, should be great extra to have a check in order to separate the products/services already quoted and the added ones.