Add "Time issued" and "Issuing Author/Employee" to invoices

In Croatia each invoice must (its described in detail in out law) have a name of person who issued invoice, time of invoice created, and how it will be paid… there is also fiscalistation involved but for first step this three things are a must

i know, php i did small modifications…

Can you just add one filed in db (time created), that i can them get in printout of invoice, name of issuing person is there i guess (have to look at schema if you write id of person who is issuing), and one more thing we need is choice how payment will be made to be at invoice creation time, so it can also be on printout

p.s. also each year invoice must start with number 1


Hi there!
You can print the name of the contact person by using a custom field.
The payment method will be added in the next version.

You can start each year from zero by creating a new invoice group or using the ‘year’ placeholder in the template and setting the ‘next ID’ to zero on 1 Jan.

but then in custom field i would have manualy write each time name…

best way would be to add id of person issuing invoice in invoice table (or just add field and write name into it) and expose that filed to pdf invoice generation…

numbering of invoice must be as follows

invoice id/location/computer id

example. 123/B1/1 where 123 is incremental invoice number (this is not problem to setup :slight_smile: )

also there is time of invoice creation issue…

i know greece is looking to addopt our fiscalisation model and few other countries…

No, set a custom field for the client.

Yes and you can create a new invoice group for each year that starts with zero in the beginning.

Its not contact name of that customer, its the name of person that is issuing invoice… the person that is loged in at that time in application

p.s. and how to add time of invoice creation (it writes it once, on creation of invoice)

The time is not saved in the database and would require changing some core files

hmm can you point me in right direction ?

Cose if i want to use it for invoice creation, i need to have TIME, Who Issued Invoice and Paymenet type… If those three things are not there its not usable cose we would be braking the law… :confused:

No sorry I’m not at home this weekend. Maybe @Pitma or @fwartner could take a look?

Hey there,

I create a issue for this!

Already have a test build with running with created time field

@andrej but the Who created the invoice is already there : $invoice->user_name is the field of who created the invoice! not who is currently printing it!


Feature will be available in v1.3.0

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tnx :wink:

I’ll try to learn a bit php and help :smiley:

I´m mostly not available over the weekend… :frowning: Sorry…

no problem :wink:

i did not expect it do get added/fixed over weekend…