Add images to products


How I can add images to products ? Is this posible for example in custom fields ?

Many thanks.

Custom field is only text field, so for now i guess you cant. To store images it would be needed to change a lot off code…

Maybe devs can make it in future version 1.x or maybe to put it on to do list for v2…

The first question would be where do you want to use pictures of products? On invoices?

I would be attach in quotes

Thanks andrej. I know the custom fields are texts field only for this reason I ask if is posible to add another type of custom fields …

I currently work on multiple attachments on quotes and invoices! So there will be an option for you to put your images there!



Ohh thats sound great !!

I would like put on each product an image in a pdf for sending on our customers … And if is it posible in invoices too it’s fantastic !!

But it sounds like you want a smal thumbnail besides the product? (like in a online store!?)

The attachments are more related to the quote and invoice themselves… But your’re free to add a pdf with productpictures customized for your clients

Yes, I want to show in each line an smaill thumbnail …