Add a number of days column

Hi, I work for a video production company and we want to start using InvoicePlane. Got it all setup and working and then realized that I need to be able to define how many days each item is going to be used for. For example a 4 day, 3 camera shoot. I don’t want to invoice 12 camera’s as that’s quite confusing for the client. So my idea is to add a day column.

Qty #Days Item Description Price Total

And then Qty multiplied by #Days multiplied by Price will give the Total. I’m an I.T student so I’ll manage to get through the code eventually. My real question is should I do is in v1 or v2? Secondly should there be an on/off setting for it or should I do it in my own branch and not merge it back to master?


Hi there.
Thanks for the efforts. You can add the feature to v1 if you want but I would suggest to wait until the plugin api for v2 is ready to use.

What’s the rough ETA on the plugin API?

There’s no ETA, wo just started with development of v2. If you have any ideas feel free to contribute in development.