AD/LDAP Authentication


First off, thank you for making a beautiful and highly functional product!

Is there anything in the roadmap for AD/LDAP based authentication? I’m thinking something like this would accelerate deployment for smaller multi-user environments that rely on a directory service:

  1. Ability to bind to an LDAP directory (LDAP server, Port, Base DN, Group Filter, Username Attrib, etc)
  2. After bind sync users that are targeted by the above config
  3. Allow user profile modifications for sync’d users for InvoicePlane specific attributes (admin access, etc)
  4. Sync passwords and usernames (would also be nice to have ldap sync button on users page)

Thanks again for an awesome tool!

May be a good idea for InvoicePlane v2.

Awesome :slight_smile: thanks for the lightning-fast reply!

[edit] This is a resource I used previously, it might be helpful there’s a few good examples in the comments.