Active item in menu

Hi developers,
I have implemented the beautiful theme AdminLTE to invoiceplane. So far this is working great, but now I’ve come to a problem I cannot get solved (been working on it for hourssss)!
I want the sidebar-menu show the “active” item. This is no problem and works almost out of the box. As soon as I, for instance, have 'selected the “view clients” item in the menu, the right items (level-1 and level-2) are getting the class=“active”. But if I select the option “Inactive” on the page (div=“pull-right”), the sidebar-menu is closing again and the class=“active” is removed from the menu.
Who can help me on this? I’m banging my head too long allready;-)

Thanks for any help!

Just a small note: please make sure this modification can be published as a mod as the look of the application should not be changed in that way. The AdminLTE theme is already in use by FusionInvoice.

About the problem itself: I think about removing the sidebar completely or replacing it on another way. Don’t “waste” to much time on it.