404 while trying to run setup / install


i’ve started an AMI instance in amazon aws. I’ve installed php, httpd, mysql and they are all working fine.

i’ve copied the latest version of invoiceplane to /var/www/html. I see that all the files/directories are existent. I can retrieve the file license.txt from my browser. I created a phpinfo and the file gets parsed fine and i can see in my browser that mod_rewrite is enabled. The file. htaccess is also present.

Why am I still getting a 404 when trying to access http://my.ip.here/setup ?


If you get a 404 error there are three possibilities:

  • mod_rewrite is not installed or disabled
  • AllowOverride is set to None but it has to be All
  • the htaccess is missing

allowall was setup properly only in 1 place in httpd.conf. I now get the setup thanks.

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