100% Spanish translation (es_ES)

As I used FusionInvoice until recently, I kind of made the first spanish translation and keept improving it until now. There are some concepts that really matters for spanish (Spain) user that goes different for Latin American users, and the tool to translate does not have this kind of localizations.

So, I updated the translation and provide the file for whoever wants to use it. Feel free to copy, improve or do anything you want.

I colaborated with project Gnome before, so most of conventions are from its official guide.

Here you have it https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx4E2ykLI_xcNjZ1U05fXy1MMTA/view?usp=sharing

or http://www.filedropper.com/iplang

It has, we just didn’t enable another spanish dialect as of now.

If your translation is the one spoken in Spain, to what other dialect should I put the existing translation? (the opinion of every spanish speaker is welcome, of course)

I can select one of those:

    es-ES   Spanish
    es-EM   Spanish (Modern)
    es-AR   Spanish, Argentina
    es-BO   Spanish, Bolivia
    es-CL   Spanish, Chile
    es-CO   Spanish, Colombia
    es-CR   Spanish, Costa Rica
    es-DO   Spanish, Dominican Republic
    es-EC   Spanish, Ecuador
    es-SV   Spanish, El Salvador
    es-GT   Spanish, Guatemala
    es-HN   Spanish, Honduras
    es-MX   Spanish, Mexico
    es-NI   Spanish, Nicaragua
    es-PA   Spanish, Panama
    es-PY   Spanish, Paraguay
    es-PE   Spanish, Peru
    es-PR   Spanish, Puerto Rico
    es-US   Spanish, United States
    es-UY   Spanish, Uruguay
    es-VE   Spanish, Venezuela

Both spanish es_Es and es_EM are the same. The rest of es_LANG are 90% common (and everything’s understandable), so you can use the same file as a base, but there a few words, specially the ones refer to taxes, IRS and VAT which are different for some countries.

Maybe latin american spanish have more common words among them, but with Castillian Spanish (Spain from Europe) there’s many differences.

OK thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into it in the next few days.

Finally imported.

Your translation is here: http://translations.invoiceplane.com/project/fusioninvoice/es-ES
The existing translation is now here: http://translations.invoiceplane.com/project/fusioninvoice/es-AR
Unfortunately the votes, validations, etc. couldn’t be transferred, since there’s no way to export/import metadata.

Many thanks! I just updated the file and made some improvements. Is there any way to automatic import again? (or maybe I’ll just take a look to the Crowdin).

Thanks too. No, not at the moment.
There is an API and a command line tool. In the future I wanted to have some sort of (auto-)updater for the languages (with the API). But for now it’s all manual, resp. completly translated languages are shipped with the next release.