Payment failed. Please try again

Under settings > System settings, I added stripe as the online payment method with the following details:
API Key ==> I used stripe secret key
Currency ==> USD
Online Payment Method ==> Credit card.

When I go to invoices > view invoices > options > Edit and use the Guest URL to make a payment with stripe, I get the below error:

Payment failed. Please try again.
Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe. We suggest you use test tokens that map to the test card you are using, see .

What could be missing to correct my configuration?

I think I found a solution to this problem. If I visit: Stripe: Sign in
and I change Handle card information directly to yes, this issue will be resolved but it requires that I be PCI compliant among other things. Stripe itself does not recommend this method. Is there any other solution for this?
Please visit this: How to resolve Stripe Error 'Sending credit card numbers.." - YouTube and ruby on rails - Stripe payment: params: error: type: invalid_request_error - Stack Overflow
There is a fix for it. Any idea about this?
@M4rt1n - I highly appreciate your support!

The problem is the old stripe api that IP is using. Here you can find a possible solution Stripe API not working in 1.5.5 - #8 by naui95