Mollie Payment Page

I have seen that when activating the mollie payment gateway invoice payment page is delivering a credit card form to make a payment.

it also seems like IP is using the omnipay gateway, and i have some experience with it. On other projects i am using mollie with their payment pay, where as depending on your account, you can accept a varity of payment methods other than just creditcard (e.g. iban, paypal, creditcard) - whichever you enable in the mollie account. and i would love to see these kind of payment option credit cards are not widely spread in all countries. (iban payment being even cheaper to use too)

omnipay is actually delivering all the functions so i guess it could be possible.

if you make a pull-request we will take a look at it
Fork the repository
clone the master release
check out your branch name
program your Mollie solution
push your branch
now make a pull-request from your branch and describe what you created