Template sharing: *please share them on github*


At any of the community leaders/Devs
It would be nice if we can place the templates uploaded here somewhere (github ?) some are dead links users leave etc.
Just to keep them around until we have a good alternative.
Any ideas ?

As discussed i have started a repository https://github.com/spacecabbie/IP-templates
Every one is welkom to upload. If your template is in there but credits are not mentioned or you do not wish it to be here let me know

Last but not Least please all do help by uploading templates or send them to me in PM


That is a great idea. You should kick off a github repository and see how it goes.


Sure atm in UK back home on Friday will create one then

HTML Email Template

I have Created https://github.com/spacecabbie/IP-templates

I have started to add Templates I will respect credits etc and mention everyone in readme for template.
Its hard to get some templates dead links etc. Hope people will see the post and send them in.


Really nice !
But if I may, I have one suggestion: creating three main directories templates (for PDF reports), themes (for UI themes) and emails_Templates (well the name speaks for it self).
And in each of these direct, on directory for each of them.
Ideally it would be nice to ask for each person submitting a new one: a screen shot for a theme, and a PDF for a template.


Done and Done yes submissions with a screenshot would be really nice.
But i am depended on what people send in unfortunately most templates on the forum are dead linked :frowning: