PayPal & Stripe errors - Online Payments errors HELP!

Hi everyone!
So, last day I installed Invoice Plane and to be honest, I’m lovin’ it…
I’m facing with a problem and I hope you can help me!


  • After configuring the online payment gateways and sending to my client the invoice to pay, we got an error that we can’t understand (Stripe and PayPal Express ou Pro has errors)

Print screen Paypal Express error:
Print screen Stripe error:

I can’t understand what’s going on… Already tried to give 777 to all paths, reinstall invoiceplane and nothing worked…

(All screenshots are at the same page in imgur, I’m new member and I can only post 2 links :confused: )

Thank you guys!

@crafter can you take a look at this one please?

I’ve not used the payment facility of invoiceplane yet, so I cannot offer any assistance @UnderDog.

Perhaps I’ll try and setup a test account on stripe to debug.

Need help…

I’ve got the exact same issue on IP 1.5.11 at the moment.