Windows or Linux?


Hi Guys,

Would love to know peoples thoughts on linux vs windows as I’ve been told linux is a lot better for a server environment? if you could recommend a linux version what would be the most suitable for running InvoicePlane?

thank you guys!


Oooh. You are opening up a real can of worms here.

My own opinion is that Linux is better, It is more robust and flexible, and you have more options available to you. Having said that, I am not too familiar with Windows servers,

I suggest you install Linux and give it a try, If there is any particular question you have you can always ask here.


@leeboulton definitely a can of worms, focus on Linux server.
Do you want to host invoiceplane on a server in your office?
Think of this option:
a server on, let’s say, Digital Ocean.
an address, say,
that way you do not need that server in your office, the server is hosted somewhere safe and your employees can access it from anywhere


I knew I was opening a can of worms but this needs to be said as windows server edition costs a fortune, and yes to access InvoicePlane on the same network via other laptops and pcs :slight_smile:

  1. install docker on a PC
  2. docker will give you a linux setup
  3. docker will serve you the invoiceplane site
    That way you don’t need a windows server


Linux all the way. Which distribution to use? I’m using arch linux on all my home devices and servers. Have been for years and still love it, I wouldn’t want another distro anymore. I’ve tried though but the arch way is really the best way for me.

If you want to get a windows-like experience, why don’t you try ubuntu?
It has been said before, windows costs a fortune, it isn’t as stable. I feel that even in 2019 this is still true. In the beginning, I have kept a windows PC to be able to game, but even that is history with valve’s “steam”. Just go for it, you’ll never go back once you get the hang of it.