InvoicePlane is searching for a new Maintainer


Hey @kovah, any updates on this or any idea when you’d like to wrap this up and “officially” charge the new team with the project?


We are currently working on getting the team together, some internal talking and so on. May take some time but we are on it.


hey…! I am very much interested in managing your marketing needs, pls ping me


Hey folks, I’d love to be more active and help with the project. I’ve only made two couple small code contributions in the past but would love to do more. My day job is in providing general IT services to small businesses, as part of that I host, develop and manage websites. A specific area of InvoicePlane I would be interested in contributing to is reports but i’m used to doing whatever is needed.


Hey folks,

I am sad to say that I just have no time left to help out ATM.
But I am willing to spend some money, maybe also on a regular base, but keeping in mind my ~limited~ possibilities. (Sadly I still do not earn millions :wink: )

Two things must be assured for that happening:

  1. invoiceplane stays opensource
  2. invoiceplane is developed further.

Get back to me, we could maybe discuss in a more private space on a plan on how the further development could be assured, maybe with some “membership” … accessible also to others who are willing to give back to FOSS developers …

Regards from Austria


Hi Bastian,

We can confirm 110% that InvoicePlane will remain opensource throughout any and all future versions and we have confirmed and developed teams for both v1 and v2 going forwards.

In regards to a more ‘private’ space with a ‘membership’ idea, I would have to discuss this with the rest of the team however it wouldn’t be something I’m personally for, me belief that these projects should never restrict or grant advantages to anyone, but that is my own personal views, and may not be of the other two.

@reece.hill @clockwiseq


Hello Kevin, I respect your decision as indeed its a essential move for your life. i am useing invoiceplane also developing templates for my own. i would really love to join invoiceplane
i have only skill to be IN invoiceplane is developing templates or being template manager or what ever you say i may fit in. i am not that skilled in core level development. so i wold prefer template developmet . Thank You .

Hello And Welcome Our New Team Members :slight_smile:


I find InvoicePlane very useful and am keen to help make it better. How might I get involved?


Membership should not be a private place. Look at the community, to see what I mean with memership.
More or less it is a well defined sponsorship with different plans, granting sponsor according to their plan defined marketing revenues (like appearing on the website as a sponsor with logo and link) etc …

Road map for InvoicePlan v1 and v2 (and situation vs FusionInvoice)


As I am planning to provide hosting for invoiceplane. I am also interested to assist the community in whichever way possible.


Sad to see you leave something that you built, Kevin :frowning:
Maybe once you have everything in life sorted you can come back and lend a little time to keep this going in the direction needed.

For all the guys coming onboard, not sure I could be of much help, but can try.


Thanks RoadKill. Please join our slack channel and we’ll figure out how you can help. I’m sure there is something we need help on



Thanks for this wonderful Web application, I have used it and it works very well, I would like to know what will happen with version 2.0 and I would like to contribute with development, I am a Java programmer, I know and manage databases well and I have experience with Php and Codeigner . please if someone takes over the project I would like to include me to contribute to the project, I worked with platea21, but now this code is closed and brings some flaws, I have corrected them with the help of a friend and now I can use the system, I have been very useful Invoiceplane 1.5 and I want to install version 2.0 but there are errors in the implementation, I think it has to do something with the Dbal but I’m not sure …

Hi Carlos,
Welcome. you can join us on slack. our language there is English, but usually we know what you mean when you type in your question and let google translate help you.
Invoiceplane 2.0 is being rebuilt using Laravel. We are discussing that in the slack channel


Hi All,

I would be very interested in supporting the project and currently use invoice plane for clients who require invoicing.
I am a co-founder of MediaBlaze Hosts, a co-operative hosting business.
We’d like to offer free hosting and domain management, if you’re interested.

Our site is:

Hope to see invoice plane to continue to flourish