InvoicePlane 1.5.6 released

A new release of the InvoicePlane application is available: v1.5.6
You can download the latest version from the InvoicePlane website.

Update Guide | Changelog

This is a larger release with a couple of fixes for the latest versions of InvoicePlane and some smaller improvements. Thank you all for the help and being patient.

If you want to know more about InvoicePlane 1.5 please visit the original topic.

Many thanks to @Maxime_GRIMLER, jperz, portapipe, jmclaren7 and MDXDave for their help.

:beetle: Known bugs in version 1.5.6

  • Quote / invoice creation sometimes fails due to client select IP-647
  • Import may not work properly (IP-510)
  • The unlink(/uploads/temp/mpdf): Is a directory error ist still not solved (IP-571)
  • The password reset does not use the mail settings (IP-643)
  • InvoicePlane may not work with PHP 7.2 at the moment.

yes,i have the updated version as v1.5.6…but the problem is same as before…
One more thing when i m installing on the server it chang the url:
Main Url where i have upload the file
but as i hit the enter it change the url as given below

What may be the possible issue>

Follow the installation guide. You didn’t set the domain as required.

Thank you very much Kovah. Do you have more visibility regarding the multi-currency feature?
I wish you a great day.

thanks ! no problem with the lastest releases cheers

this version fixed ths mysql error when creating a new customer but i cant remove or an item from an invoice.
404 Page Not Found
The page you requested was not found

Known bugs

When i selected a customer and click create new invoice this invoice is create for the first customer in the list not the selected one. When i create a copy for an invoice and select a date, the date on the invoice copied is the one for the previous invoice not the new date

Knokn bug :

I already saw some post about it
Have a look here : Copied Invoice Wrong Date and push the post again. Maybe it has been forgotten as I don’t remember to have seen any tickets