IP-1.4.10 - Pay now button not working [solved]

I am using IP-1.4.10.

When I or a client goes to the Guest UR (e.g: https://invoice.******.co.uk/index.php/guest/view/invoice/idb6ooKydc0S0cv) and click the pay now button, the following message appears just below the “pay now” button:

" Username/Password is incorrect "

How do i fix this?


I assume that the PayPal credentials are not correct.

Also, please update to version 1.5 as it includes security updates also for online payments.

I have recreated my PayPal API credentials and now when i click the “pay now” button I get a different message, which is:

“Security header is not valid”

I have now fixed my problem.

This post saved the day: Error: Security header is not valid

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