InvoicePlane 1.5.4 released


Hi Kovah,

Thanks again for this update. I’m experiencing a couple of issues. The first issue I have is that email templates for standard invoices don’t get saved and loaded the correct way. Maybee this is related to IP-543 but I’m not completely sure.

Second issue I’m having is that when I copy a (already sent) invoice, also the old invoice date is getting copied instead of using the date of today. This should not be the case since it explicitly says that today’s date is going to be used in the popup. With some pointers in the right way I might be able to find and fix the problem myself and contribute.

Kind regards,


Hellllp… so this is not working :frowning: Unable to add a new client.

Fatal error: Cannot use for reading in /application/modules/custom_fields/models/Mdl_custom_fields.php on line 257
A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Compile Error

Message: Cannot use for reading

Filename: models/Mdl_custom_fields.php

Line Number: 257 ($field->$field_id_fieldlabel = $custom_value->custom_values_value;)


wau!!! i fixed it by deleted the box which does not appear visable on my side unless i need glasses without the forum I could not found the argument hiding in plain sight… thanks kovah this site rocks it helped me debug my issue =)


Hi, I am using invoice plane for so long… its been so good. I have recently upgraded with release 1.5.4

I am unable to add invoice… can you please help me out as in my previous version i was using this feature and its important for my business.

Thanks in advance


A bit more information would be useful…

I upgraded over the weekend and do not have any issues.

I do understand that IP 1.5.4 requires PHP 7 (there are a few posts regarding this), so maybe check what version of PHP you are running?


@Kovah Any idea’s?


Nope, and I doubt I will fix any related issues as we intend to switch to file-based templates anyway.


Cool, thanks for your reply!