Guest Payment showing a Credit Card form

can you tell me how you added the missing variables in the payment handler for the provider Mollie?, thanks

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Hi, Would be great if you could share your change for the Mollie/iDeal payment.without creditcard fields.

Something new? I want same. When guest selects Paypal CC form should be hidden, in case of selected Stripe then CC form should appear.

Also interested on add Checkbox selection with logo of each payment method instead of dropdown menu list.

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Just wondering if there permanent fix for this in an upcoming version?

I’ve implemented the temporary fix by removing the CC form - see details in this post:

I"m sure I’ll forget all about this issue when the next update comes out, and then I’ll overwrite the fix with update, and wil no longer be able to process PayPal payments again.

Without this fix, trying to have my clients make PayPal (PayPal Express) payments, just simply does not work at all.

Currently using version 1.5.8 and this is still an issue. Does not look like the changelog for version 1.5.9 addresses this issue.

Probably not. Because it’s no critical issue but rather an UX problem, and hard to resolve. So, low priority for now.

Hi Vazeel,

Do you have a sollution how to show Bancontact or iDeal from mollie?
I’m having the same issue, only the CreditCard is shown, even this is not activated in my mollie account.