Read-Only when creating an invoice

I’m sorry, I’m unable to see that option. neither in the invoice nor the options. Where is it? :-/

Its an Option that is changed in the config.php file.

Yeah, that’s what I meant, for the final users. Is it possible to include it also in the invoice options?

I don’t want to include this as it’s more like a security feature which should not be able to be enabled/disabled from the options.
Because then users will switch it off when they “made a mistake” (you know what the quotes mean), “correct” the invoice and switch it back on after that.
Another point is: you can have more than one administrator and at the current state only someone with access to the FTP is able to disable the feature.

What is the option exactly?

Edit: I think should be this one $config['enable_invoice_deletion'] = FALSE;

No… it’s $config['disable_read_only'] = FALSE;
Change this to true and read-only is disabled.

I just notice the same problem on 1.4.2, I saved a invoice draft with a product with price 0,00 (I can’t remember if the invoice total was 0,00) and the invoice gone in read-only.

For now I solved disabling read-only but I would like to maintain active the read-only feature.

This should have been fixed in 1.4.2 :worried:

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