[Solved] Pdf name with client name in in


can anybody point me to the file where the pdf is being generated? At the moment when I create a PDF from my invoice, its name will be my invoice number. E.g. “7.pdf”. apart from the invoice number I would also like to use my client name… e.g. “7_client5.pdf.”


thank yo so much

check out

application/helpers/pdf-helper.php line 49

    return pdf_create($html, lang('invoice') . '_' . str_replace(array('\\', '/'), '_', $invoice->invoice_number), $stream, $invoice->invoice_password,1,$isGuest);

this is the line to edit if you download via “pdf download” at your invoice itself…

If you wish to edit archive,please check out mpdf_helper.php. However haven’t taken a comprehensive look though that file.

Hey carsten.
Thanks. In order to remove the archive and date from the filename, I had to remove part of the name generation function in the mpdf_helper.php, on line 57/58.

Oddly… when i remove lang(‘invoice’) in the pdf-helper.php, my footer disappears.
so on line 37 mpdf_helper.php I just changed the operator from !== to ==… don´t whether that was smart. seems to work though :wink: