Cancelled Invoices

Now that the new version by default does not allow deleting of invoices, would it be possible to have a separate category such as Cancelled or Abandoned? As well as not including invoices in this category to show in the Overdue Invoices recent display.

–Added to the to-do list.–

Uhm… wait. There are no cancelled invoices?!

Interesting … I came across this too. I updated to 1.2 yesterday and I’m no longer able to delete invoices … no matter what status the invoice has. I thought that is connected to the PR which appeared a few days ago. I will take a look in my logs later.

The invoice will be set to read only if the invoice was sent.
Additionally you can’t delete invoices which are not drafts.

You can - and should - read more about this in this news post.

@AbbyNormal If you can’t find the option in the config file you have not upgraded yet or you didn’t updated correctly. Please check the version in your settings.

Are you really sure that you are on 1.2.0? Because with the update there have to be this option in the config file… :worried:

With regards to the “cancelled invoices” I am referring more to when an invoice is sent but FULL payment is expect before the product or services is rendered, but that the never happens. So the invoice just sits there. You would want to keep record of this by NOT having to delete the invoice, yet also not having it show as OVERDUE since no action is going to be take on it.

Perhaps using a separate category such as VOID or Abandoned invoices which exist just for reference but do NOT count against the clients balance.

Hopefully that makes sense! :smile:

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Yeah okay I know what you mean. I’ll take a look at this.

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Development reference: IP-188

The JIRA ticket is closed - is this feature implemented in InvoicePlane 2?

Yes, see

Thx for the clarification :). Afaik there is no migration yet from InvoicePlane 1.5.9 to 2.0.0 yet, correct?

No, 2.0.0 is still in development.

Is there a new status on this, since the development of InvoicePlane has changed?