Adding decimals after zero in the invoice

Development reference:

–You can change this to 3 in the system setting with the tax rate decimal places:–
–Unfortunately the system allows only up to 3 but I’ll add a 4-option in the next version.–

i can change 3 in the selling item?

–Yes you can change this to 3 and all amounts will have three numbers after the decimal separator.
So the 0.0073 from your first post would only change to 0.007

Wait, sorry. You mean the item quantity and not the price. This can’t be changed in the settings but i’ll take a look at it.

–Issue reference:

not the item quantity but the price, it not work, mayby ther is a error in the code?
if you wont try i send you acces of my server and try yourself

But why should the price contain 4 decimals? This would make sense for the item quantity as there could be 43.0245 hours of work saved as a position?!

I sell telephone traffic and sell a minute. 1 minute 0.008 euro cent.
So if a customer makes 3000 minutes I have to multiply it by 0.008

I also have a requirement whereby the price needs to be up to 5 decimal places.
Unit Price is 4.5 cents --> 0.045 dollars
If I were to give 35% discount, then the Unit Price should be 0.02925

With the current system, the Unit price will get converted to 0.03 rather than allowing me to key in 0.02925
Is there a another way to do this ?

I try to download the package from
the link

and it doesn’t download anything

Is it possible to add more decimals to the quantities??

Thanks in advance

I updated the link to the patch.

Thanks Kovah

Kovah, thank you for the patch for Item Quantity decimals. Any progress on the original request to add more decimals to item price?

Here is another scenario… I want to sell 10.000 small stickers for the total price of 40euros, which means each sticker will cost 0.004 euros. If I fill the information in the invoice like: qty 10.000, price 0.004 then the tolal price goes to… zero.

InvoicePlane 2 will use the BCMath library which makes it possible to use any amount you want and you will be able to set the number of decimals in the settings.

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Kovac, you closed my thread but this link doesn’t work. I read it before to open mine but I thought it was for an older version. I’m lucky because this thread is open and I can write here, otherwise I’ll had to open a new one just to say that. Please verify the informations before to think that the people are stupid and close the thread.
I appreciate your work, but I need help. How can I do to use three digits?
Thank you very much

This is the answer:

And now? Is it possible to use that patch?

As the patch is about 1 year old I would not suggest using it and wait for InvoicePlane 2.

Ok. Can you tell me where I can find the file to modify the function?
For me it’s useless now and I don’t want to use another software, I like it.
Thank you very much

Here’s the link:
And for further reference here’s the related ticket with instructions:

Hello, the 3 decimal still the largest amount I can add. is there a way to work around this?
Thank you.