403 or Stuck error

Hi Guyz,

I have managed to install it successful and no issues in submitting any quotes, invoices or clients.

The only problem that I have is a limitation on words/text on description. I’m a web developer and I need to explain the client with all features but it gives me “It seems that the application stuck because of an error” when I have load of information.

If I create a product with loads of information it gives me “403 Forbidden, Access to this resource on the server is denied!”

I’m not sure what details to change. appreciate your help. This is one great billing system. I do not want to uninstall it.

Thanks in advance

That’s weird.
I was able to create a bug with a description that contained about 7000 characters and it worked very well. Also the 403 error is strange.

  1. In this case set the log_threshold from 0 to 2 in the file /application/config/config.php
  2. Now try to save the product / item again.
  3. Then copy the logs from /application/logs with us (not the index.html file), save them to http://hastebin.com/ and share the link here.

Hey Kovah,

Changing the log_threshold to 2 did the trick. Works like a charm. Just one tiny help, how do I change the font size of the PDF? its a bit bigger for me when I have more character and goes for the 2nd page.

Thanks mate.

Hmmm today the limit issue came again any idea why? When submitting products, 403 no permission still exists.

Here is the log file for today