FusionInvoice is now InvoicePlane 2


Hello Kovah,

Yes I fully understand the support will not be as it was, however the more fusionInvoice users that you can get to become part of this group, then the better it will become for support. I dont think that there is any issue to make a new version so quickly - the issue will be to get as many current fusion users to adopt the “InvoicePlan 2” release (albeit formally FI) and that means some sort of write up of what updating of older FI versions needs to be undertaken in order to have a working version IP2 with the original data base. Which is what I am doing having upgraded our servers to cater for TLS 1.2 etc security.

Anyway, as said - looking forward to how this all pans out.

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ps… good wishes for your bachelor thesis, hope all goes well.


I just purchased FusionInvoice a few months ago. Should I install “InvoicePlane2” now while it’s compatible or should I wait to see if there will be an official upgrade path for people like me?


Hi @Cullen_Webb
I would wait until the first stable version of InvoicePlane 2 is released. However, you can also participate in testing pre-release versions but I do not recommend using them in a production environment. You will be able to seamlessly upgrade from FusionInvoice 2018-8 to InvoicePlane 2.0.0


I just installed invoiceplane 2 but seems the mail function is not working. I tried PHPMail, SendMail and SMTP functions but none seems to work. I love invoiceplane 2 as after years of using Invoiceplane 1 i can finally send quotes to customers.

Anybody have an idea to resolve the mail send function?


For some reason, all the fields must be filled in including the To, CC, and BCC.

Please try again with a BCC and see if it works.


I would suggest you wait until the final version is released and then we can help you setup mail function. I would not recommend using alpha version in production environment.


Hi @Kovah, can we please help us with a fix of the error "exception":"SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: PDO::ATTR_STATEMENT_CLASS

Thanks so much


Hi, Is there any documentation about how to migrate from v1.5 to v2.0 ?


From the main post:

Migration will be available for the final release.


Hi is there any update on the final release of version 2?, absolutely love FusionInvoice and cant wait for InvoicePlane 2, looking to a new beginning.



Any Idea on the time frame for the release of IP 2.0 ?

And i’m using IP 1.4.10 for over 2 years now and i’m verry happy with how it works so far. Made a couple small adjustments to fit my needs better and i think those might be helpfull for others as well if they are implemented . Where can i put those Adjustments/Suggestions? Then you can still decide if its usefull enough.


Sadly there is no expected release date because development is still going pretty slow.

You can always put suggestions into the Development Discussion section of the forum or share your code via Github if you are familiar with it.