FusionInvoice is now InvoicePlane 2


I need this module, it is totally necessary. Currently you can download? or is it already included? …


Do you have already access to that module ? If yes just install it as an add-on there is no compatibility problem normally :wink:


The Time Tracking module is not included by default in the download. Is it going to be included? Does anyone have to share it? It seems to me a totally necessary plugin. I also do not see the product module, which would have to be developed and merged with version 1.5


I can integrate the product module of version 1.5 in version 2.0.

I have also created a stock and warehouse module, with product inputs and outputs, reports and barcodes. That could include everything in the new version. This I would put it in the original Core, not as an extra plugins, since it is a function of daily use.


users requirements differ. not everyone need time tracking, or qr codes.

a good addon functionality is excellent, where as users can extend depending on their needs.


Right. But losing the product module of version 1.5 is a big mistake.


I think you are slightly confused, the product module of IP 1.5 has not been lost.

IP 2 is simply FusionInvoice at this stage but has been renamed to IP 2 - modules from 1.5 will be graduly added into IP 2 (FusionInvoice) hence it being an Alpha release.

Hope that clears it up, This is all explained in Kovah’s original post :slightly_smiling_face:


He said everything :wink:
Just let us time to add new modules, improve existing ones
If you want to have an idea on what we are working just check on Jira https://development.invoiceplane.com/projects/IP2/issues/IP2-47?filter=allopenissues


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Latest info about the time tracking module:

No further explanation needed.

@daniel89fg I think you either didn’t read or misunderstood the announcement: InvoicePlane 2 is not a final release yet. I just got the original source code and we will implement all old InvoicePlane 1.5 features into the new version. Until the final version is released: just don’t use the version if you are familiar with version 1.5.


Perfect, thanks :wink:


Great Good luck :slight_smile: Multilanguage Interface ?


since v1 already has it already i assume it.


Wow! Congratulations! It’s always sad when someone has to let go of his own creations, but it’s a jubilee when forks find each other back after they have gone their own way for a while!
Now, we can have the 2 communities chipping in - believing in the force of open source.

So I salute you both, Jesse and Kovac, for taking this step!
I’ll try to chip in where I can (translating, feedback, etc…)


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the same thing happens to me


Try setting PHP Version to 7.1 and be sure that PDO is enabled. Do you have special characters in your password?


I’d suggest to have an online demo, even it’s the alfa version, would be useful for somethings like having some context for translations. I’m trying to finish the spanish one, but some words/sentences are really difficult to guess without the original context and might lead to mistakes.