FusionInvoice is now InvoicePlane 2


Hello Community,

some of you may already know that FusionInvoice was shut down some days ago. FusionInvoice and InvoicePlane have some kind of special relationship as the software is the commercial successor of an early, formerly open source version with the same name, while InvoicePlane continued the development on the open source version. You can read more about the history of InvoicePlane and further details of the story here.

:tada: FusionInvoice is now InvoicePlane 2


FusionInvoice is an awesome software with a 10-year long history and it was kinda sad to hear the the project was shut down. I thought about this stop a lot and after @gnacho asked about a possible incorporation I decided to write Jesse. Jesse and I talked about the future of the software and agreed that InvoicePlane will take over the stable code of FusionInvoice. It will be published as InvoicePlane 2.

So, what now?

FusionInvoice version 2018-8 is now InvoicePlane version 2.0.0 Alpha 1. I decided to not release the software directly as version 2.0.0 but instead make it available as an alpha version because in the current state FusionInvoice and InvoicePlane differ a lot and it takes some work to bring it on a level that is fine for both existing FusionInvoice and InvoicePlane users.

Expect a lot of conversation in the next time. I would like to know what you need, what you expect from the software. I need you input and your ideas. Please help making InvoicePlane 2 a piece of software that is your perfect invoicing solution.

:information_source: Information for existing FusionInvoice users

For now, nothing changes except that you can download your software from InvoicePlane.com now as version 2.0.0. Alpha 1. This version is exactly the code from FusionInvoice 2018-8 with the only change that some standard settings like the skin and the title were changed to “InvoicePlane”.
An upgrade from FusionInvoice to InvoicePlane 2 is only available from version 2018-08.

:information_source: Information for existing InvoicePlane users

The new version 2 is currently not compatible with InvoicePlane 1. There is no way to update the app or import any of your existing data. If you want to test the new version you can download it from the website but expect a lot of things to change until we release a stable version.

:information_source: Information for new users

If you are interested in InvoicePlane 2 I suggest to wait until we release a stable version of the application. The current version has the Alpha status, meaning that a lot of things will change. However, you can also try out InvoicePlane 1 which can be downloaded from the website too. You will be able to upgrade from InvoicePlane 1 to version 2 later.

:information_source: Information for Developers

You are interested in helping with the development of InvoicePlane 2? Please contact me directly via direct message or via Slack.

:invoiceplane: The next steps

In the following weeks I will evaluate which features are implemented in the different versions and compare them.

  • Existing features of version 1 will most likely be implemented into version 2.
  • Existing features of version 2 will be evaluated and either be kept in the app or changed in favour of a new implementation.

After that I will plan what needs to be done for version 2 and add new tickets accordingly. If you are interested in helping with development please contact me.

A last note to all users: please share your opinion, your feedback, your ideas and wishes in this thread. I would like to develop version 2 for the users, not for me alone. :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

Best regards,

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Great news for everyone!!!

Would be helpful to have an online demo for users to check it up and suggest more features :slight_smile:

IMHO priorities should be migration and changing name. Fusion Invoice is already a great product, I don’t think it’s going to need big changes in order to satisfy users.


If a user decides to go with the invoiceplane 2 ‘alpha’ now, will we be able to transition towards newer releases?


This is fantastic, I literally started research in to replacing Fusioninvoice today it’s nice to know that i don’t quite have to.


@carstengrimm Migrations to newer versions will always be available. However, expect a lot of things to change. If you are completely new to the software it might be confusing to learn it just to find out that hundreds of features were changed in a later version.


I hope this will still be an open source!!!


Absolutely. InvoicePlane was and will still be free and open source forever.


where can we download fusioninvoice to see how it is ?.


:point_right: invoiceplane.com/downloads


The version of InvoicePlane 2 Alpha 1, will be exactly the latest version of FusionInvoice?


Yes, as I wrote in the announcement:


So the next updates will be for the InvoicePlane 2 version (core FusionInvoice), right ?.


Correct, however we are still working on Invoiceplane 1.6 in the meantime.


Thanks, I’ll start studying the new Core and migration.


Sure, no problem. But please do not start any development yet.


Fusioninvoice 2 had an optional time tracking module you could purchase will that be included in invoiceplane 2?

For more info see https://www.fusioninvoice.com/docs/2018/Add-ons/Time-Tracking


The time tracking module will be available later. It’s not clear it if will be an extra module or implemented into the core.


what about the actual fusioninvoice users, are they gonna transition towards other systems, or they are likely to transition to invoiceplane?


I don’t know. I hope that the users will adopt InvoicePlane 2 when it’s ready. I mean it’s an updated version of their current invoicing software that will be upgradable from their current version. I don’t see any problems here.