Request: Export Options

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Would it be possible to add an export function for invoices, quotes, products and clients to CSV, PDF, Excel or JSON?

As far as I can see there is an import function, but an export function, and corresponding import, would be nice when switching webhosts or databases.


Last Update: 2018-01-18



What will be the difference between an export from phpMyAdmin (for example) / directly from the database ? If i’m right you can export in various formats no ?



Don’t know, the reason for the request is that the webhost I use wont let us access phpmyadmin.


Hm ok
Then it’s more or less linked to

(At least for the invoice part)

So maybe a full export menu/page is needed …


Yes something like that.

Maybe a full page with custom choices, sort of how Bootstrap lets you download a customized version of Bootstrap? (


Exactly what I am thinking of.
Select the client, type, a date range if you want, a status filter and so on and then export them to a specified format. Like single PDF, zip file, csv,…


Closed in favour of Batch export / print / send invoices