Suggestion: Increase community/users?

Everyday in many blogs appear many new programs to invoice ilke invoiceplane. Many are coming with attractive features or UI, but in the end, they all kidnapping data user (saas with no self hosted option) and cost money as-you-go.

I believe one opensource program is as strong as its users and community, and invoiceplane is mature enough and has a lot of potential to increase.

That’s why I suggest EVERY of us, go to 5 different blogs/webs/sites and comment about invoiceplane advantages.

It’s not difficult to find that places, as you can google “invoice software” in many different combinations (or even the name of another programs) and many of the results are articles which allow comments. It can be in english or even better, in our native language.

What do you think?

I think a natural aquired userbase is much more worth than sending out everyone to spam the internet.

When using a search query like “opensource invoice” invoiceplane is already in a very good position. If anyone stumbles upon it because he was searching for a solution and invoiceplane is his answer, he’ll gladly join.

There’s not much competition. I mean, i actually know them all, because I am still at the lookout for the best solution possible. And not only in open source regard. Anyways. If someone I know asks me for an free / open source alternative for selfhosted invoice I’d gladly tell him to check here. However doing quick and dirty advertisement for it?

It’s already posted at many sites like

Well nah…

Example Search Result via Tor-Network

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“Spread the word” is not spam. I’m not talking about putting invoiceplane everywhere even doesn’t make any sense, but to let satisfied users talk about the application and share the good experiences. :wink:

BTW, if you still looking for some requirements that invoiceplane does not have, you can put some resources to improve it, and it’d be great if you share your improvements as well.

As I said, I am happy to spread the word, but I feel not like searching places to comment to blogposts and stuff. There’s several freelancer or small ( 1-2 People ) businesses I know, when they ask for advice I’ll happily share. (if i am happy)

Just to name a few. I am actually sending in quite alot of feature requests already. The most important thing I would like to see is the task / todolist. I am already looking forward to it and hope it’s ready and working well.

I guess there’s quite alot of things I’d like to see. but I don’t want to put 10 new request in a row. Actually I could participate with coding as well, but I don’t like that git request/pull stuff too much to be honest. Also never worked with lavarel and I guess my code is not the most beautiful out there.

(i feel like a spammer)

I agree with @carstengrimm for several reasons.
At first I would like to let the user itself decide how to spread the word. Some will post on Facebook, some will tell their fellow buddies about this when they are in the pub.
I have set up Google Alerts and i follow some blogs and subs on reddit so I get notified about new invoicing software (mostly open source one). It happened just some times that some business blogs posted articles like “the 5 best invoicing applications” and IP wasn’t listed but I wrote the first comment with a notice to IP. As the website is backed by (Piwik/self-hosted) analytics I can say that several users coming from these blogs downloaded the software.

So it does work to comment in other blogs.

Sometimes users don’t realize how important is to “spread the word”, and it would be interesting to challenge them in some ways. Big platforms have money for adds and create lobbies, we have the users and the best software experience, why not use both of them?

Anyway, it was just a suggestion.

PS: the software will be better with a increasing huge community and users (as it’s ready and mature already)

Yes sure it is working. And I have no problem if someone posts for InvoicePlane on a blog.
I just think that there is no need to start a large campaign where everyone should post as much as possible.

BTW: I already saw what you did, gnacho! And I greatly appreciate this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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